Our Services


Institutional events organization through the promotion of conventions,press conferences, forums, round table discussions on political and legislative topics, social and institutional events and congresses to promote corporate social responsibility.


Involvement of the decision-making centres such as Parliament, Government and Republic Presidence in istitutional sponsored initiatives and in partnership.


Monitoring and control of legislative processes on matters pertinent to the Client’s business or activity, by keeping a daily check on parliamentary and government works in progress and through a daily check of legislative deeds emanated by the two Houses of Parliament.


Preparation of a customized Parliamentary Agenda week by week to give more evidence to the activities specified by the Client, as well as the preparation of monthly and quarterly agendas to plan and anticipate legislative activities in the medium and long term.


Press office and back office activities on topics as specified by the Client: technical reports regarding parliamentary sessions (Commissions and Assembly), issue analysis (detailed schedule of legislative measures), policy brief (in-depth analysis of political decisions and positions on a specified topic), real-time collection of news about monitored legislative measures, dispatch of Ministers Council’s orders of the day and of the related measures currently under exam.


External corporate communications support, through meetings with primary representatives and spokespersons from Parliamentary, Government and Administrative Institutions and support and assistance with writing amendatory proposals.


Monitoring and reporting activities in support of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, with the preparation of a monthly Agenda providing an overview of legislative measures concerning social and environmental issues of interest to Clients who wish to act in a socially responsible way.