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Turan offers its clients excellent services in the field of government relations and parliamentary monitoring. Through the correct management of the information flow coming from the world of politics, public institutions and the media, Turan is a fundamental partner for companies wishing to define a government relations strategy.

  • Government Relations & Monitoring
  • Our mission


    Turan’s mission is to provide its clients with an excellent portfolio of services  by creating, improving and managing government relations to guarantee the attainment of strategic business objectives. Turan informs company management of all aspects related to the adoption of a line of policy or a single legislative measure that can impact a Client’s activity or line of business. 

    With this objective in mind, Turan offers a customized and realtime service: analysis of emerging issues and topics currently under discussion of interest to the Client in the decision-making centres such as Parliament, Government and Presidency of the Republic. Furthermore Turan identifies and tracks the development of all the deliberative processes, monitoring normative directions which could impact corporate strategy.